Photo. Kit Miller

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Castell Coch

Last Sunday some of us spent the day in the beautiful Castell Coch. In 1875 William Burgess was commissioned by the Marquis of Bute to build a medieval style fantasy on the site of an ancient castle.

The children saw a very authentic looking Sion Corn.



The Latest Exhibition at work

Beautiful paintings by Beth Marsden and David Kilvington.

Beth Marsden

David Kilvington

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Bluebell Wood

 Last Saturday I went for a walk in a nearby wood with one of the 10 year old grandsons. It was a lovely day and we found some very interesting wildlife.


I love the sea but there is something about rivers that is very special. To be among the trees by a river is just wonderful. We had a stone skimming competition and of course Leo won.

There were quite a few orchids spread about the woods.

When the sun went in my phone took rather dull photos. I need to investigate and see if it is possible to adjust the settings.

Leo resting.
He was carrying a large piece of quartz rock which he found by the water. The walk home is about a mile and mostly up hill.