Photo. Kit Miller

Sunday, 7 August 2011

The images which I have chosen to begin this blog are of the installation which formed the final work for my BA (Hons) in Contemporary Textiles at Coleg Sir Gar (Carmarthenshire Colege) in June 2011.

                                                                                                   Photo. Kit Miller

The alchemic process of dyeing yarn with plant materials is something that has fascinated and engaged me for many years, but until now has not been part of my creative practice.
As part of an ongoing investigation into the area immediately surrounding my home, I looked at indigenous plants that produce a black dye.
The focus of this work is the investigation and experimentation that led to the dyeing process. I looked closely at the plants that I used, particularly their germination. Following the progress of the developing seeds and capturing the stages of their growth forms the main body of the work. 

I became increasingly interested in the environment specific to each plant, which encompassed insects and arachnids.  This is not a serious botanical or entomological study, but rather a creative interpretation of my findings.
Unfortunately I did not manage to produce a black dye, but I shall continue in my efforts to do so and expand this body of work as I go. 

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