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Monday, 16 April 2012

Capel Y Ffin

My sister and I went to Mynwy (Monmouth) to collect some work which I had in a joint textile exhibition there. We decided to take the scenic route home and visit Capel Y Ffin on the way. It meant a bit of a detore but was well worth it. We travelled along about 20 miles of remote single track road, which took us through tree lined lanes and over a mountain track called Gospel Pass. The tiny church, St Mary's, was built in 1762 and seems to be occupied by a rather lovely ginger cat.

 The interior is simple and utterly beautiful. One of the pews is carved with the date 1783.

                                        The view from one of the windows,
This angel, which dates from the 1700s, is part of a plaque on an outside wall.
A similar angel in the grave yard.

A beautiful chapel which we passed on the road a few miles from Y Fenni (Abergaveny).
I shall definately travel that road again, it was an extraordinary trip, but the mountains, though stunning, are bleak and I am glad that I live at the top of a hill looking across lush green views which even after 40 years still take my breath away.

Photos. Lynnette Miller

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  1. Cette chapelle est d'une grande simplicité,
    ce qui n'empêche pas d'y ressentir dans cette beauté simple, un lieu habité par l'esprit.