Photo. Kit Miller

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Late Summer Picnic and Picking Blackberries

 Some of the grandchildren sitting on the black bags where we had our picnic while picking blackberries.
It was a few days before the boys returned to school and they certainly made the most of it. We are lucky enough to have a neighbour who allows us to freely wander his fields and here we were a short distance from home.
Playing with the picnic snacks.
I got the boys to run while I took panoramic shots so that they would appear in the same photo three times. Interestingly they were actually going from left to right, but it looks as though they ran from right to left.
Another panorama, but this time aproaching the house, after a really lovely afternoon. The boys had already reached home at this point with me and the three year old granddaughter slowly wending our way back.


  1. Lynnette, I love the panoramic of the boys running in the field. It's so beautiful.