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Monday, 29 October 2012

Amgueddfa Wlan Cymru

Untitled by LynnetteMiller
I have visited the National Wool Museum a few times lately, with various family members.
It is one of only a few working woolen mills as well as being a very interesting museum.
 They create woven fabric for throws, bedspreads and clothes etc. Some of it is made for designers like Eleanor Pritchard, some of it is in traditional Welsh patterns and it is all very beautiful.                      
Sister, Me and Daughter.

Brother in law, another sister, me and four of the grandchildren on our most recent trip to Amgueddfa Wlan Cymru. We can never resist a photo opportunity when we come to this slightly distorting mirror.

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  1. Les métiers à tisser sont toujours impressionnants à voir fonctionner et les ouvriers qui les font marcher ont uns science rare du tissu qu'il faut préserver.
    Sympa, la petite famille dans la glace. Je la salue bien avec toi, évidemment.