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Thursday, 26 June 2014

More Cyanotypes

When we first moved into our home 42 years ago we found a large pile of discarded bottles in the top corner of the half acre of garden. This place used to be a small farm and was first built at least 200 years ago so some of the bottles, most of which are broken, are very old.
For a long time I have wanted to make a record of each bottle and prompted by an idea which I had for an exhibition I finally got around to making cyanotypes of some of the bottles. As you can see from the tomato ketchup bottle, I have included some which were in recent use as we are also part of the history of this place.

I have made some of the cyanotypes into books for an exhibition at Le Porte Peinte Centre Pour Les Arts in France.
The images are stitched onto tea stained paper. Guessing at the possible contents of each bottle I created cyanotype words in Cymraeg (Welsh). 

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  1. Hi Lynette,
    I really like your cyanotype work! Is it possible to order the one with the different bottles as a poster ?