Photo. Kit Miller

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Cyanotypes At Last

Untitled by LynnetteMiller
photo by LynnetteMiller on Flickr.
After several years of thinking about it I have finally made some Cyanotypes. One of my students kindly gave me some of the chemicals required and now there is no stopping me (except that I have now run out of said chemicals). I need to get some more, as each time we have a sunny day I am itching to get outside and make more sun prints.
I printed a negative version of the photos onto acetate, in black and white, and placed them onto the pre coated paper. In this case it was tea stained squared paper.
It is possible that the blotchy effect on this one is due to the chemicals not being coated or dried evenly, or it could be that they were not dry when the acetate was placed on the paper. I like the result very much though.
 Cyanotype gift tags with indigo dyed thread.
This image was printed onto thick brown paper.

Ferns placed between the paper and the glass.


  1. Très beau travail, ma chère Lynnette, et meilleurs vœux pour cette année 2013.
    Qu'elle te garde i spirée et nous en serons comblés.Amitiés Françaises.


  2. Voici le" N " qui s'envola dans un courant d'air !

  3. Lynnette, these Cyanotypes are beautiful.